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Education & Training

Let me take you on a journey that is exciting, will make you successful and guarantees lots of fun!

Training & Education - Nail Technology

I'm so passionate about all things nails that I want to share my skills and knowledge with you to help you build your career in Nail Technology too. As an educator for NZ Nail Academy, I'm proud to be able to offer quality, certified training right here in Geraldine.

I'm an advocate for supporting and encouraging people to succeed in business and follow their passion. I believe there is plenty of business out there for us all to follow our dreams.

Don't want to run a nail salon? I'm here to train you too! Not everyone wants to learn Nail Technology to kick start a business, if you just want to learn how to do your own nails NZNA have courses to suit everyone. 

Scroll down to find what courses are currently available & remember to click Subscribe to get updated on new courses as they arise.

Education & Training: Welcome

Courses Available

Below is a list of courses that I currently facilitate

Beginners Gel Polish

Starting from $275

The course covers basic nail anatomy, hygiene & sanitation, nail tools and how to file the nail correctly and to safely prepare the natural nail for gel polish application. Learn Gel Polish application including correct prep that won't damage your nail, correct removal and perfecting your gel polish application including French Polish applications.


E-File Training


Join me in this E-File workshop where you will learn how to safely remove gel polish, shorten and shape extensions, prep gel-on extensions, safely prep the natural nail and SO much more including equipment care and maintenance.


Nail Art - Level 1 & 2

$220 per course

Nail art is a fabulous and fun way to increase your revenue and your profits! 

These courses will give you some tips and tricks on how to speed up some popular designs you may already be playing with as well as showing you how to complete some more complex designs, but in a salon friendly time frame!

Weather you have no experience with nail art at all or you are already playing with some designs on your clients, these courses will suit anyone wanting to upskill with Nail Art.


2 & 3 day Beginner Classes

Starting from $990

The 2 & 3 day beginner classes are the most popular courses around! 

You will learn EVERYTHING from prepping basic anatomy & hygiene, salon set up and client consultations through to natural nail prep, gel polish application - INCLUDING French application.

You will then go on to learn safe removal of gel polish, application of Gel-On extensions & two methods of backfilling with Builder in a Bottle. 

For those wanting the full 3 day course, you will also learn how to sculpt extensions using forms.


Advanced soft gel extensions

From $250

This course is ideal for qualified nail technicians wanting to learn the easiest extension system on the market today.

I will show you TWO different application methods & how to ensure the perfect fit every time.


Nail Shapes


If you are struggling with your shaping, this is an ideal course to re-fresh. 

I will take you through the easiest, fail safe ways to perfectly shaped nails. We will go through traditional shapes such as square, almond, oval, round and squoval and then step into the more advanced shapes that are taking the industry by storm such as stiletto, ballarina, coffin & the ever famous almond-etto.

Education & Training: Projects
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